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("bào"- newspaper; to announce / to inform / report / newspaper / re...):
Char looks like TP, or Toilet Paper- which would make really great paper for a newspaper… so you'd always have it in the bathroom.
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I really really like Word Buddy. I've been on it non-stop since I've found out about it. Such a wonderful website. And its free! I'll definitely recommend this to others.

My biggest suggestion would be to improve the aesthetics of the website. The pages are very wordy and cluttered. I prefer to use the mobile version on my desktop because it cuts down on the visual clutter. I think some people might chose other websites because they have a cleaner design. There's so much going on on each page that it makes it harder to focus on what you're studying.

If you'd like more specific ideas about how to declutter the website and make it more visually appealing and aesthetic, let me know.

Thanks again for this wonderful website!
Shanghai, CN
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Thanks for the kudos. Yes, the site does need an aesthetic redesign. The current design perhaps doesn't do justice to the amount of functionality that is available underneath. Hopefully you've adjusted to it and can recommend it to others telling them to use the mobile version.
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