Useful Memory Trick:
("wa1"- dig, dig out, gouge out, scoop; to dig; to dig / to excavate...):
To make a home, ancient peoples would use their hands(扌) to <dig out> a cave(穴) and throw(action looks like: 乙) the earth outside.
My Difficult Words:
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Topic: Hi, here's the collection of Dialects for all pal!

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Myeik, MM
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I have to introduce myself to all pal in this forum.
I am a new branded member :P in wordbuddy.
I have an idea for all mates to collect the different dialects from the different regions.

The one who is interested to help me can write down some dialects that
he learn mostly in here, thank you.

If you do so, the other member may also view and study our memories here, very convenient to us, helping one another,
learning happily a sentence that are the same meaning in all means.

All ladies and gentlemen,
Do you all agree with me?

Nice to meet you all, you also can visit my profiles. all are welcome.
Shanghai, CN
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Welcome Hoharlay. Yes, WordBuddy was designed for exactly this...

There should be a lot of slang for English dialects already in WordBuddy... but of course there is an immense amount more that is not here. Please add as much as you like. Perhaps keep these dialect/slang words in a study list of yours and then other users can look to see what you think is important.
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مجهود اكتر من رائع شكرا جزيلا
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