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呆子 ("dai1 zi5"- fool; sucker; booby; gander; dolt; gawk; goof; goon; lunkhea...):
Only a <fool> would remain(呆) where he wasn't wanted.
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Shanghai, CN
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Wordbuddy has a lot of english audio because these were open source and easy to be had. Unfortunately not so for Chinese, so any audio you see on the site right now is user-contributed. I'm not sure what word that MP3 is a link to, but perhaps whoever recorded it had a system where the audio applet software didn't work correctly and it just uploaded a blank. Feel free to click on the audio's icon and mark it as "Incorrect". If you have a teacher who would like to help you out and at the same time contribute while you are having class, perhaps you can try out uploading a recording on your PC.
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I am wishing to learn and write chinese; what is the best way?
Shanghai, CN
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Best way is a one-on-one teacher. You might try a new service by google called "Helpouts" to find someone who can give you lessons online (helpouts.google.com).

Also please post this in the appropriate forum (Study Resources, Learning Methods and Technology) and you may get more responses.
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