Useful Memory Trick:
("sai1"- fish gills; gills of fish; Traditional Variant: 鰓):
On a fish(鱼), the <gills> are the shield(田) that is protecting the heart(心) on the "side" of the fish's body.
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Topic: Advanced Chinese Pickup Lines – Video and Translation

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This is a video from Youtube “Potter King” Who goes around trying some great/cheesy/terrible pickup lines on some unsuspecting bystanders. This uses advanced Chinese so we’ve translated it below with some descriptions of why it’s funny. If you can pull these off…. then your Chinese and your game is really next level. If this is too advanced, we have a simpler article on how to flirt in Chinese that offers some beginner pickup lines and basic compliments you can give. More along the lines of how to say “you’re beautiful” and “may I join you here?” Watch the video and read the full article here: https://www.tutormandarin.net/en/advanced-chinese-pickup-lines-video-and-translation/
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