Useful Memory Trick:
("jin1"- muscle; tendon; veins that stand out; muscle; tendon):
On top of the rib bones(肋), a buff man's muscles are very tight("jin3"-紧), with the sinewy meat represented by the criss-crossing lines on top(竺).
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Topic: Best Chinese Translator Apps

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Chinese is hard to read! There are so many Chinese words to learn that you can often find yourself in a situation where you can’t read the Chinese. Luckily, there are translator apps that can help with all types of situation. Finding the meaning of the word, looking up the character based on the picture, drawing the characters and seeing the English word, etc etc etc. Today, we’ve chosen the best Chinese translator apps for every Chinese learner — so you have help right in your pocket. See our list of the translator apps from TutorMandarin: https://www.tutormandarin.net/en/best-chinese-translator-apps/
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