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Topic: the meaning of the word"expedition"

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上海, CN
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I always meet the word "expedition" in the email that send from Italian customer.However, I cannot catch the core meaning in the sentence. I list some examples to seek for explanation as follows:
“The expedition of these goods will be at our charge. ”
" If you have particular instructions for an expedition you must inform us ( by mail is ok ) when placing the order, not later."
"We have to wait for the goods to be ready before organizing the expedition. "

I feel the word in these sentence is the same or similar meaning. for the sake, I must check it. Could you help me?
Shanghai, CN
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Hmmm... I think it is not the best formed English, but their use of 'expedition' basically means the 'speedy shipping'. They are using 'expedition' because it is like the adjective 'expedient' (=fast & efficient) because that is how most people would like their product shipped.

You can say "The shipping on these goods requires special expedition.", which would mean that the shipment requires special handling or speed.
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