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("tao3"- to discuss; to ask for; mooch):
The purpose of a discussion(讠) is to slowly inch(寸) toward an agreement.
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Topic: Shanghai Dialect

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Shanghai, CN
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Hi Marc,

Is there any way to add the Shanghai dialect?

Thanks for putting this together.

Ty (From Puriclean)
Shanghai, CN
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Shanghaiese is studied like another language on WB. Just go to lookup a word in the Dictionary. At the top it will say "I am studying"... hit the (change) link and select Shanghaiese.

Unfortunately there isn't any official dictionary for Shanghaiese that I've loaded in, so you'll have to enter the words/ pronunciations/ definitions yourself. If you have a suggestion for an opensource/free dictionary that we can all use, by all means, let me know and I'll load it in.
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