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Kids will always try to 'sway' their classmates to 'shun' the geeks.
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Topic: Welcome to take part in Yes!Chinese (AT team)

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Yes! Chinese Media Group Ltd are Focus on overseas Chinese teaching ,Chinese learning course to all the overseas Chinese learners ,the teacher training and school teaching services . owe to all the AT team (Associate Teacher) and chain management education center ,we building global Chinese popularization and service network ,make the people more understanding about the China and Chinese culture.

We develop a new kind of study mode textbook+ network course ,The Chinese language course for Overseas children's teaching Chinese programs which develop by the national education experts form US and Canada ,and match up with YST test from China Hanban . we Organize a batch of the principal and the Chinese teacher that Have experience in teaching both at home and abroad

Associate Teacher,short for AT, is Yes Chinese Media Group Ltd.'s first choice of cooperation partnership in the world, which is taken charge by Chinese teachers who are rich for practical Chinese-teaching experience, and devote themselves into the spread of Chinese language culture, love and identify with Chinese course system. Associate teachers are responsible for the publicity and introduction of Chinese course system and other language culture education products of Yes Chinese Media Group Ltd. to various local Chinese education institutions, as well as establishing and keeping good cooperation relations with those organizations on the behalf of Yes Chinese Media Group Ltd.

We are now looking for Associate Teacher around the world to make the Yes! Chinese can quickly popularization and promotion . You're most welcome to join us if you feel so disposed . please log in http://www.yes-chinese.com/sr/apply.do let us get together to promote the spread of Chinese culture in the global business
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If anyone has interesting to join as AT, you can also contact my email at:
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