Useful Memory Trick:
个子 ("ge4 zi5"- height; stature; the tallness of a person (doesn't take a # ...):
The height of the 1st 'gege' is usually taller than the rest of the didi.
My Difficult Words:
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Overview - Community Dictionary

The Wordbuddy dictionary holds all the definitions that Wordbuddy users have ever entered. In addition, there are a few dictionaries that Wordbuddy also searches for words.

Spellings and definitions should not be considered 100% accurate. This is because anybody can add vocabulary to Wordbuddy. Words are not reviewed by anybody. A word's accuracy is determined by how popular it is among WordBuddy users. The more frequenty it is used by Wordbuddy students studying a word, the higher up on the list it will appear.

Words will commonly have many similar definitions that differ by only a letter or two. However, just like various spellings of a word, the most popular ones will be listed at the top.

Registered users will also see an option to search by Study List. Text entered here will search the Study Lists of all Wordbuddy users to see what words they have in their list. This can be helpful if trying to find general catagories of words, like 'medical', or 'beginning chinese'. For example, if you enter 'medical' you will see all words included in one Wordbuddy user's 'Medical First Aid Vocabulary' list as well as from another user's 'Basic Medical Terminology' list.