Useful Memory Trick:
("fan1"- to translate; to turn over; cross; search; translate; turn o...):
As a bird flies over fields(田), it <looks over> each to discern(釆) where it is safe to put his soft feathers(羽) down.
My Difficult Words:
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My Words - Memorization Methods

Create a strategy that will help you remember a word, pronunciation or definition. It does not need to be realistic or even correct. It just has to be an idea or spark that will make your brain remember. In fact, if it is more outrageous and silly, it is easier to trick your brain into remembering it.

English Example:

To memorize the english word 'topic', you could try to remember the spelling of 'topic' by thinking that if a topic includes a link <to> a <pic>ture is much easier to understand.

English Example:

To memorize the pronunciation of the english word 'building', you can write a memory method to remember that buying a building can cost a very large <bill>.