Useful Memory Trick:
("yu4"- meet, come across, encounter; an opportunity; how one is tre...):
This looks like a crab(虫) that <came across> and walked(辶) into the doorway(门) of a trap.
My Difficult Words:
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Quiz - Flash Cards

Taking a quiz is a lot like using paper flash cards. First you look at one side of the card. In your mind, think of what the answer should be. Then you look at the other side of the card to see if you are correct.

Taking a WordBuddy quiz is similar. First you are presented with a question. The 'Answer' box prompts you with what you should guess. After you've thought of the answer, press the 'Answer' button. You will now see the 'Correct' and 'Incorrect' buttons light up. If what you have guessed is the same as what WordBuddy displays in the Answer box, then press the 'Correct' button. If not, press the 'Incorrect' button.

WordBuddy remembers which words you answer correctly. In future quizes these words will be tested less often. See the topic on 'Boxes and Scheduling' to see how this works.