Useful Memory Trick:
("dan4"- only; but, however, yet, still; but; but; only; still; yet):
This character looks like a simple house with <only> one window.
My Difficult Words:
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Quiz - Setup

The quick startup screen allows you to select a group of words to test with two clicks.

First you will select the type of quiz you would like. The quizes differ in what part of a word will be shown to you first, then which part you should guess.

Then you will choose which words to test. There are two classes of words here, ones that have 'expired' and the other being all of your words. The 'Time to Retest' group are words that have expired by staying in their box beyond the box's time limit (as defined in your settings). If you choose 'All Words', expired and non-expired words are all tested, however only your answers on expired words will result in it's changing to another box.