Useful Memory Trick:
("hao2"- (in the) least; fine long hair; milli-; fine hair; measure o...):
People are obsess with how tall(高) they are, measuring their height down to the fraction of a hair(毛), or nearest <millimeter>. Somehow they think taller is good("hao").
My Difficult Words:
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Study Tips

  • Make imaginary pictures, associations and mnemonics for words you are trying to remember. The more outlandish the association, the better the word will anchor into your brain.
  • Vary the places you study. This can help you find different associations for words. If you can't remember a word while studying in your house, you might think of another way to memorize it in a cafe.
  • Space out your study sessions. Studying many times, each for a short period, is better than studying for one long stretch.
  • Slow methodical learning works much better than cramming for tests. An all-nighter may help you pass an exam, but if you want to remember the material long term then more foresight needs to be involved.
  • Mix vocabulary review with a lot of testing. Reviewing vocabulary is good, but to improve long term retention, you should take many small quizes.
  • Find a good motivation for learning. This will help you get you through the grim detail that is involved in studying any subject.